BCHS Redskins Weekly Update

January 24, 2021

The BCHS Weekly Update

Stay current on what's happening at BCHS through our Weekly Update! If there is anything we can do for you or your student, do not hesitate to let us know!

Our Vision

We are Committed to Excellence and Success in All we do!


February 3

  • Half Day for Students. Classes will be dismissed at 11:40. A grab and go lunch will be provided, transportation will be provided.
  • E Learners, please follow the schedule for the half day posted in your teachers classroom or link can be found in the next section of the Weekly Update.

February 15 & 16

  • Student Holiday, Teacher Work Day

March 3

  • Half Day for students

March 12

  • End of Third Nine Weeks

March 17

  • Schools and Offices will be open

March 19

  • Schools will be closed

March 25

  • 11:30 - 1:30 Senior Cap & Gown/Announcement Delivery (E Learners will be provided a time prior to the date)

April 2 - 9

  • Spring Break

April 28

  • Half Day for Students

May 1

  • Prom

May 22

  • Graduation

May 25 - Last Day of School

Student Half Day's for 2021

BCHS will have three half days for students this semester. Students will meet all four classes and will be dismissed at 11:40. Sack lunches and transportation will be provided. The link for the bell schedule for the half days is below.

Half Day Dates:

February 3

March 3

April 28

Bell Schedule for Half Days

Calendar Date Change for March 17

From Bryan County Schools, “Taking into consideration the cancellation of this year's annual St. Patrick's Day parade, Bryan County Schools has modified its school calendar. The Student/Staff holiday originally scheduled for March 17, 2021 (Wednesday) is now scheduled for March 19, 2021 (Friday).”

Prom 2021

We are excited to announce Prom 2021 will be May 1, 2021. As we continue to experience COVID -19, the prom will be held at Bryan County Elementary School. By hosting at a BCS facility we can ensure it is safe and clean for our students and their guest.

Click the link, Prom 2021, for detailed guidelines on purchasing tickets. If your student needs to make payments towards prom, no problem, please have them see Mrs. Dyson.

At this time Prom is a go. However, we do not know what the future holds for COVID 19. Hopefully we can make this event happen for our students.

If you have questions, please email Ms. Dyson, cdyson@Bryan.k12.ga.us.

Scholarship Opportunities for Seniors

As graduation draws near, students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships. We have sent several out this week. Please have your senior check the website, guidance page, and social media.

These do require some writing, but there is a financial reward if they were to win.

Please contact our guidance office if you are not able to locate the information.

COVID 19 Info

Our school works extremely hard to create a safe environment for our students. Encourage your students to not only practice good health habits at school but also away from school as well. We know most students are more successful in a Face to Face environment. Your assistance is appreciated.

Volleyball 2021

BCHS is excited to begin Volleyball for fall 2021. If you know any young ladies that are interested in participating in work outs and/or trying out for the team, please have them complete this information form, BCHS Volleyball 2021.

Workouts and conditioning will begin in March.

Twilight School

We will offer Twilight School this Tuesday and Thursday for our F2F learners. If your student is an E-Learner, please have them schedule a Google Meet tutoring session with their teacher.

Twilight School will begin this Tuesday, January 12.

All F2F students are welcome. They need to speak with their teacher to sign them up.

Students are expected to stay until 5:15 unless the parent comes to the media center door to pick up their student.

Free Lunch & Free Breakfast Continues

Free lunch and breakfast will continue for ALL students through the end of the semester! However, if a student wants to take the SAT, ACT, or apply for a college fee waiver and they qualify for free and reduced lunch, they must complete the application.

Directions to Complete the F/R Lunch Application

Updated Yearbook Information

If you have questions, please call or email Dr. McBride, jmcbride@bryan.k12.ga.us, 912-626-5060

Big picture

Free Income Tax Prep

Please click this link, Free Income Tax Prep, to see how you can have your taxes done at no cost.

Tutoring Schedule

Updates coming soon.

Senior Graduation Diploma/Diploma Cover Fee

All seniors have a $25 Diploma/Diploma Cover Fee. At this time only 30 seniors have paid their fees. We need to order these soon!

Please pay this fee on My Payments Plus. If you have questions or need additional information, please email mblankenship@bryan.k12.ga.us.

Grades 9 - 11 Class Assessments

BCHS seeks to do a variety of things for our students that is not funded by our board. We want to recognize them for attendance, positive behavior, honor rolls, etc. We are asking each student in Grades 9 - 11 to pay a class assessment fee.

The assessment at this time is $25. Students will receive a Class T Shirt. Those who have already ordered, will receive their T-Shirts soon.

My Payments Plus

When making any type of payment to BCHS we are asking all parents/guardians to use My Payments Plus. This is an online payment method and requires a credit or debit card. It is very helpful to us and to you as well. Last year we had to make many, many refunds by check. MPP will allow us to refund directly to your account.

If you are unable to make payments on MPP, please let us know. We are happy to work with you.

Senior Graduation Information

If your senior needs to order graduation cap and gown, graduation supplies, class rings and lettermen jackets. If you need to speak with someone or order online see below:

March 25

  • 11:30 - 1:30 Senior Cap & Gown/Announcement Delivery (E Learners will be provided a time prior to the date)

Parent Tip of the Week - Let Your Child Fail

One way teens learn is by making mistakes and then seeing how things turn out. They need to be able to make a decision and then process how it went. From failure, teens can learn how to be more responsible, adapt to situations and not be afraid to try new things.

One thing you can do to help your child is to allow them to make their own decisions (within reason) and live with the consequences, whether good or bad. Let go of the reins a bit. Allow your child to decide whether to take an umbrella on a rainy day, whether to take a harder class in school or what summer job to take. Then, if they come home wet from the rain, overly challenged or disappointed from their decisions, you can be there to help them process and learn from their decisions.

Protecting your child from pain and mistakes will not allow them to develop the skills they need to manage their own life when they're an adult.

Parenting a Teen: Navigating High School

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