Online Safety

By: Ben Rothweiler

Sharing information

The pictures you post and the texts you send can affect the people in the real world be careful of what you share. Even if you use privacy settings, it’s not impossible for strangers to get into your account and see your photos. Before you send something always think, how will my grandma react to this? Finally, online photo albums are good for storing and sharing pictures. you can take a picture and upload it in a matter of seconds. You should think about what you are uploading and how it can affect others.

Comunicating Online

Texting is just like having a conversion people really appreciate please and thank you. Before you send a group message think about who you send it to.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying can happen through text, email, and social media. It can cause punishment from school or even the police. in order to deal with it keep calm, and don’t respond. You could also block them. You can report abuse to the site where it’s taking place.

Protecting Information

Many phones have GPS technology, and apps can use this to find friend or you. You can the settings so only friends can know where you are. Don't share your passwords with any body, the longer your password is the longer it takes to hack. Don't reply to any pop up email asking for information, even if it looks legit its fake and people are trying to steal your information.

Protecting your Computer

Don't click on suspicious links "They may contain viruses or spyware." Don’t download unless you know the source and scan the file with security software. Don't leave your personal device in the public for even a minute if it goes missing, all the personal information stored on it like messages and photos may fall into the wrong hands.