Martin Luther King Jr.

By; Jynna Martinson

Martin Luther King Jr. was an extraordinary leader who convinced each and every individual white or not that they could make a difference and you should be able to stand for your own personal beliefs and what you believe is right. He gave each and every person, who took the time to listen to him, a new outlook and perspective on how life should be lived, not be fear or regret but by standing up and being yourself which can overcome anything, but he wasn't just born a magnificent leader he had to grow up and learn from a strong and bold family to teach him to stand up for what he believed in. King's was born on January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised by Alberta and Martin Luther king. He was the second on three children, younger brother Alfred King and older sister Christine King. King was raised in an activist family. His father was influenced by many activist movements in 1920. His mother was influenced by African American ministers. There words of wisdom and parenting styles made Martin Luther King Jr. the man he was and led him to become the great civil rights leader that he was. His childhood, although was quite secure, it didn't prevent him from experiencing the prejudice in the South. When he was just six his childhood friend and playmate was no longer allowed to play with him due to there now segregated schools. From that moment on prejudice spread more and more and as he grew up he was forced to live in a country where he wasn't considered equal. Through all that hardship when he was just 12 his grandmother passed away which set off even more emotion throughout his family. King was devastated and attempted suicide. Even though the rest of his life seemed rough he pushed himself through.

At a very young age he began high school at Washington High School. At age 15 he graduated high school and went straight to college at Marehouse College and graduated in 1948 with a degree in sociology. The he went to Cozer Theological Seminary and received his doctorates in Systematic Theology. Finally, he attended Boston University where he received a PHD in 1955. He was only 26 when he had finished his final year of college. Immediately after college, King has a vision of a society in which race wasn't an issue in how people were treated or how they were to live there lives. He fought for Rosa Parks in the Montgomery bus boycott and won the court case in June of 1956 which founded Montgomery to be unconstitutional. He also led the Albany movement protested segregated polices. Then again with the Birmingham Campaign which was a nonviolent protest against segregated businesses which led to man businesses and restaurants open to all races. In 1963 he was a major impact on the mach on Washington for jobs and freedom. At the march on Washington he gave his "I have a Dream" speech and advocated racial harmony and economic rights to all African-Americans. Then in 1964 he was awarded the noble-peace-prize which was a major accomplishment due to the fact that he was the first African-American to ever receive such a high honor. After much perseverance and many stressful long hours of protest Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray on April 4th, 1968, at the Loretta Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Although, he died his nonviolent protest and confidence among everyone affected the entire United States.

It's a despairing fact of today's society that Kings vision isn't a reality in american, nor anywhere else, but it is true to say that his vision affected our nation. While nothing is complete or perfect in the battle of civil rights, the efforts of Martin Luther King and many others like him have, in fact, changed the country and the world for the better. His vision gave hope and peace to the minorities stating that they too had a voice and shouldn't have to hide behind the fear of rejection. Even though our world has its obstacles there are exceptional people leading our country to bring our nation closer together to live in harmony.

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