The Inventor

Henry Ford


Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 on a farm near Dearborn, Michigan. His parents were William and Mary ford. Henry`s dad was Irish but his mom was American.

Ealy life

He had 7 sisters and brothors.Ford did not like school but liked machines and tools. Henry`s dad wanted him to be a farmer not a mechanic.

Mid life

Henry got married to Clara Bryant in 1888. Henry had a son named Edsel born on 11/6/1893.  

Late life

Henry Ford made first quadricycle on june 4, 1896 and made assembly line. He up graded the quadricycle to the model-t car. It was the most famous. 

End of life

Henry Ford died on 4/7/1947 but we will always remember how he kept reaching for the future.  Henry ford is like Thomas edson they both had a dream to make something new kept trying and they made awesome stuff so I learnd to  never give up