Keeping up with Keller

By: Marcie Dryden, Principal

December 9, 2015

Mission Statement

The mission of Helen Keller Elementary School is to establish and maintain an educational community that empowers all students to become principled, independent inquirers who are socially responsible global citizens.

WKBS -- Keller Daily News Broadcast

Our Keller Daily News Broadcast highlights school achievement and IB news!

Parking Lot Safety

Please remember to DRIVE SLOWLY and WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS in the parking lots during pickup and drop off.

Ideas are Everywhere Assembly

Our first assembly of the year was held on December 2nd and was entitled Ideas are Everywhere. This program was funded by the Keller PTA, the Michigan Humanities Council and the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs. This program is presented via an interactive puppet show and provides specific examples of where ideas can come from (real life experiences, memories, feelings, friends, reading, etc.) to help students with creative writing. For more information on this assembly and others that the PTA has planned so far, visit

Learning in Action

PD Agendas

Click on this link for all Professional Development agendas


Positive Behavior Intervention System

Essential Agreements

*We are respectful

*We are safe and in control

*We are responsible learners

Keller Creed

I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself and others will be proud of me too.

I came to school to learn and I will learn.

I will have a good day.

Learner Profile Highlights

Don’t forget that the highlighted monthly learner profile and weekly behavior focus is on the Google calendar (every Sunday).

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