Willie Brown Elementary News

February 12, 2016

Sweetheart Valentine's Dance

The WBE PTA Dad's Club is hosting a Sweetheart Dance (Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son Event) on Friday, February 12 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM in the WBE Gym and Cafe. Dessert and drinks will be served. Pictures will be available the night of the dance at an addition cost. All students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and the dance is limited to WBE students and their families.

Dr. Visit????

Has your child missed part of the school day due to a doctor visit? Be sure to get a note from the doctor and provide it to our attendance office. The tardy or early release will then be coded as "medical", therefore not counting negatively on your child's attendance record or our school records.

Illustrator AG Ford Visit

WBE students were treated to a presentation by illustrator AG Ford on Wednesday. Mr. Ford shared his passion for art and the message of "hard work pays off." Not only did students see pieces of his work and books published with his illustrations, Mr. Ford shared his journey from drawing crude Ninja Turtles as a kid to becoming a successful children's book illustrator. He also completed some simple illustrations with us! To learn more about AG Ford and his published books, go to http://www.agfordillustration.com/untitled-title-page.

360 Construction and Lane Closures

We have been notified about upcoming lane closures on Hwy 360 as construction begins. I am sharing a link to the notification so that you can be aware of what is coming up. Please consider this if driving 360 is in your daily route. http://www.drive360south.com/lane-closures/

Don't Be Tardy to the Party!

Thank you for the efforts you are giving to getting your student to school on time and keeping them here! We are continuing our "Don't be tardy to the party" drive to DECREASE our total campus tardies and early releases. Class time is vital to learning!

Although we made significant improvement over the 3rd six weeks, we are continuing our contest among classes again the 4th six weeks.