Teen Guide to Smart Dating

by Zach Koser, Thomas Partridge

My advice to you

  • My advice is to stay abstinent so that you won't face the consequences of an unhealthy behavior
  • Don't do things with your partner that you wouldn't do with your friend
  • If your parents wouldn't approve, don't do it at all

Benefits for a smart relationship?

Physically- Not getting STD'S or HIV'S

Mental-Your emotional health will still be full of positiveness

Social Health-You will not have rumors or embarassing things said about you

Situations where this may be prevelant?

  • At a party with alcohol where you may be impaired
  • At a party where drugs are involved
  • At your house or theirs home alone

My boundaries to keep me safe

Setting sexual boundaries can help you in many ways. Remaining abstinent will help you be able to make smart decisions in the future.

Healthy actions for a good relationship

  • Hold hands
  • Hang out together
  • Kiss
  • Hug
  • Go on dates

Refusal skills

John: Hey Shelly you look good today

Shelly: Thank you! You do too

John: Wanna go hang out at my house my parents aren't home so we could have sex

Shelly: Umm I'm busy today so no

John: Come on your being a wus

Shelly: No I'm not I just want to remain abstinent because it may result in dangerous consequences

John: What ever I'll ask Jenny to have sex instead

Shelly: Now your pressuring me into unhealthy behaviors which break my already set boundaries

John: Ok we'll your a wus cause everyone is having sex

Shelly: It's over John you are pressuring me into situations I'm not comfortable in so bye

Thomas bio

I have a phd in being abstinent till marriage.

Zach bio

My qualifications include a PHD in teen dating, sexual health, and abstinentce.
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Report Dangerous Behaviors And Get Advice

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Consequences of premature sex

Physical: STD'S, Unplanned Pregnancy

Mental:Emotional Scarring

Social: Rumors

is my relationship healthy?

  1. Good Communication is key to a healthy relationship although, it can also lead to a unhealthy relationship.
  2. Going at a steady pace and not rushing will help you stay together although, if you do rush it may cause you to break up.
  3. You can set aside time to see each other but, if you don't see each other it may not work resulting in a break up.



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