Horace Mann High School

March Board Report

Katie Crabb-The Oriole Insight!!

On April 9th, the Oriole Insight Journalism staff will be launching our brand new website. We're very excited to offer this chance for students to report news to their peers.

We will be providing an "ask" column, which we've entitled "Insight Inquiries," and we need your questions to start the column! If you have any questions that you would like our writers to respond to and publish on the website, please fill out the form on the link provided. We ask that you bookmark the page for later use as well, just in case you don't have a question for us at this time. The questions can be about anything you'd want advice about, general ponderings you'd like us to provide answers for, or things you would just like to hear our opinion about. Please keep your entries appropriate. Our staff is committed to supporting the Oriole Way through our publication and will not answer obscene or offensive questions.

Oriole Insight: Insight Inquiries Submission Form

Thank you for the time. We appreciate your involvement in our student news!

-Ms. Crabb & The Oriole Insight Staff


We are beginning the master schedule and have all of our section numbers completed and are in process of dropping courses with low numbers. I am working with Mr. Sadoff on a couple of departments.


I am excited to have Mike McDowell as our new tech ed teacher for next year. Mike will be attending the Project Lead the Way summer training at MSOE this summer for our Introduction to Engineer Design course. We currently have 14 students signed up for the course. Mike and I are also working together on a room set up and working with Aaron on computers for the program. I am excited to have Mike join the tech ed department.

Food For Thought

I am also excited to have Jill Lewinski and others present to you tonight regarding the Food for Thought Cafe and our Business model for the future. Jill has been talking and working with Todd, Liz, Jana and now Mike. Jana, Liz and myself had a chance to attend the Restaurant's Association convention and then Liz and Jill attended the Prostart competition with two of our students competing, Liz Allemang and Parker Parrish.

We are excited to share this new program with you!

Vocal Solo Ensemble-Congratulations

Here are our results starting with Horace Mann HS Students:

Receiving a 1st in Class C:

Tori Cupertino & Ruth Smith - Duet

Ian Doro - Solo

Maria Reber - Piano Solo

Receiving a 2nd in Class B:

Maria Reber & Jonah Ravan - Piano Duet

Receiving a 1st in Class B:

Alyssa Bergman & Victoria Dobrinska - Duet

Cora Erdman, Destiny Snyder, Hannah Swalby - Trio

Erica Schwartz - Solo

Receiving a 3rd in Class A:

Karisa Hargrave & Erica Schwartz - Duet

Receiving a 2nd in Class A:

Hannah Swalby Musical Theater

Hannah Swalby - Solo

Deanna Luttenberger - Musical Theater

Deanna Luttenberger - Solo

Michael Friedel - Musical Theater

Receiving a 1st in Class A:

Evan Frank - Musical Theater

Holly Palmer - Musical Theater

Damian Bath - Solo

Emily Gruber - Musical Theater

Maria Reber - Musical Theater

Emily Gruber - Solo

Receiving a Starred 1st and going to UW-O on April 26th:

LeAnne Bavers - Musical Theater

Andrianna Meadows - Musical Theater

LeAnne Bavers - Solo

Maria Reber - Solo

Pa Vang - Solo

Evan Frank - Solo

Pa Vang - Musical Theater

Michael Friedel - Solo

Brittany Neas - Solo

Kirra Jacobs - Solo

Andrianna Meadows - Solo

Holly Palmer - Solo

Horace Mann High School Showchoir - Members Below:

LeAnne Bavers, Johanna Bardowicks, Pa Vang, Jessica Stephani, Deanna Luttenberger, April Weber, Holly Palmer, Emily Gruber, Michael Friedel, Evan Frank, Damian Bath

Instrumental Solo Ensemble-Congratulations!

Receiving a 2nd in Class B were:

Will Hinn-trombone solo

Brenna Wetherbee and Marisa Stroebel - flute -oboe duet.

Receiving a 2nd in Class A was Chad Maramonte - alto sax solo

Receiving a 1st in Class B were:

Nicole Fox - alto sax solo

Megan Zagar - electric bass solo

Tessa Traxinger & Vanessa Huck - soprano sax -trumpet duet

Paige Sadoff, Claire Pelot and Leah Forsythe - clarinet trio

Hailey Heidl, Vanessa Huck and Marisa Stroebel - trumpet trio

The Jazz Band

Receiving a 1st in Class A were:

Brenna Wetherbee - flute solo

Tessa Traxinger - alto sax solo

Jenna Klein - tenor sax solo

Tessa Traxinger - piano solo

Shelbe Demboske & Sammee Ball - flute duet

Tessa Schwersinske & Hunter Waller - flute duet

And receiving a STARRED 1st and advancing to STATE Solo-Ensemble on Saturday, April 26th at UW-Oshkosh were:

Lizzy Redmond & Becca Misorski - clarinet duet

The Flute Choir with Cami Hoerth, Jessica Stephani, Shelby Demboske, Tessa Schwersinske, Hunter Waller, Marissa Cudworth,

Kerianna Disterhaft, Sammee Ball and Brenna Wetherbee


We wish all of our students good luck at State Forensics!

Pa Vang

Michael Friedel

Emily Romuald

Matt Richison (first tournament!)

Marisa Strobel (first tournament!)

Stephanie Mallinger (first tournament!)

Hannah Swalby (first tournament!)

Tessa Traxinger (first tournament!)

Social Studies

We have 115 applicants for the open social studies position and are looking to interview on Monday, March 31st. We have a good pool and will keep you updated.

Modified Schedule

We are excited to begin/finish planning for our modified schedule next year. Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to being able to add some time to meet during the day with students and to provide enrichment/intervention opportunities for students.

We are looking at support for staff for summer and are offering staff to visit other classes this year.

Large Group Choral Festival

We had 7 groups come to Horace Mann on Wednesday, March 19th to perform. Our Horace Mann choir started off the festival receiving a 1st!


I am thrilled to share the news that Anthony spoke with Christa Lewis from Springs and a couple of our students tried out for the play "Little Shop of Horrors". LeeAnne Bavers was cast one of the leads and Cora Erdmann and Destiny Snyder are also in the musical.


We will be taking the practice Aspire in the next few weeks. This program replaces the ACT Plan and Explore Assessments we were using. I will share information with you in the near future.

Dates to Remember

Choral Cabaret May 2-3

Senior Class Banquet May 7th

Senior Class Trip May 14th

May 21st Awards Night

May 28th Strizek Concert

Graduation Sunday, June 1st

Family Night

Thank you again to Student Council, Katie Crabb, our Phy.ed staff and teachers from FLC for a great family night! We had many families attend and all had a great time with food, games, prizes, rock climbing, dancing and reading!

Spring Sports

Spring sports have begun. We are hopeful for some sun and drying of our fields etc and of course no more snow! Thank you to Mike for our weekly emails updating us on Oriole Events.