My awesome bedroom!

And it's, maybe, not so awesome down sides...

I am grateful for the security my bedroom gives me.

When I said this, I did not mean literal security as much as mental. My bedroom has a giant opening at one end that looks directly to the front door. Because of this, I always need to be watching out for guests or family so that I'm not changing when they're walking in!

I am grateful for the peace my room gives me.

Since my room has a ladder instead of a door, if I am ever feeling frustrated I am simply able to fold that ladder up to be alone. The only down side is that the ladder folding mechenism broke so I am no longer able to completely fold my ladder up. In the same breath not being able to fold my ladder up is not always bad because I'm usually pretty social!

Smore (some more) pictures of my room

Honestly I love my room

One last awesome feature of my room.

My family has a theatre room that we don't use anymore so, I asked my parents, and was soon able to bring my families projector, big speaker, and wii up to my room! I now project Netflix and wii games up on my wall.
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