The Virginia colony

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Why Virginia is the best place to be !

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A closer look at the Virginia colony

10 fact's about virginia.

1. Was the first of the original 13 colonies

2. Virginia was named after the queen Elizabeth I of England for "the virgin queen".

3.Virginia was founded in 1607 by john smith

4.Had major success in the iron, agriculture and plantation industries.

5.Virginia has a warm climate and is filled with mountains, valleys and coastal plains.

6.Virginia wasn't dominated by a certain region which gave citizen freedom to religion.

7.The gov't of Virginia was governed a royal colony by 1775.

8.Virginia went from a colony to a state on June 25, 1788.

9.Virginia is apart of the southern colonies

10.Virginia was founded at Jamestown during the starving time.

Why you should be here

3 Reasons to come to Virginia

  1. The warm Virginia climate makes it easy to grow crops.
  2. Tobacco, Wheat and corn are in abundance here as our agricultural and iron industries are booming.
  3. In Virginia we have freedom to religion so you don't have to convert to something you don't belive in.

Life in VA