Intelligent HQ

Creative Strategies and Techniques of Social Network Advertising

We know that not all companies or businesses have funds to hire a professional Community Manager. On many occasions are the managers themselves who begin to navigate the social networks after a small training and guidelines. So today we want to help all those small entrepreneurs to gain notoriety on the web with a simple. generates appearance and unique and comprehensive visual perception of a brand, product or service; managing to obtain balance between functionality and creativity. We define and generate the appearance and unique and comprehensive visual perception Site GUI, Web Portal and its graphics and content that make it, with a balance between functionality and creativity.

Our work includes generating Concepts, Design or Redesign Templates and Interfaces, Interaction Optimization and / or Visual and more.

We use creative strategies and techniques of marketing, Social Network Advertising and communication on the Internet to promote, position a product, service, brand, company or site or web portal to generate value and better conversions, by tracking and analyzing KPI's, allow us to take action accurate to write better ads and content will help us strengthen the strategies of e-marketing.

Advertising on Social Networks where we employ one or more on-line tactics to promote a brand, company or service through one or more advertising campaigns. You can increase traffic to your Web site, new Fans or Followers, increase your presence on Facebook, capture leads, interact with your user community.