An introduction of Me

Sarah Krohn Fenger

Three surprising things about me:


I have played soccer for five years. I really like to play the game. It is a sport fill with competition. I have played four places and had got a lot of friends by the

sport. The sport make me happy, and i can get my frustrations out.

Space between front teeth

I have space between my front teeth. Both of my parents have space between their front teeth, therefor have I it also. I have not plans to get teeth brace, but a lot of people have asked me about, why not have had it. But it is a part of me, and I will not get teeth brace because it will change something of me.

My home is a farm

I live on a farm with four hundred cows, three horses, a dog and a lot of wild cats. I have lived at the farm since I was little. It is my fathers home farm, and he has also lived their, since he was little.

Two places I would like to visit

The worlds fifth largest land - Brazil

I would like to visit Brazil. I think Brazil is a very fascinating country. The country is in a development, and it is interesting to see what it will end with. The Brazilian are such a nice people. They are fill with happy. I would also really like to experience the carnival in Brazil.

The pyramids native country, Egypt

I would like to visit Egypt. It is such a fascinating country. It is also native country for many things in our daily life. The Nile is also in Egypt. It would be a big experience be in the Nile trade.

My dream job

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It is a good question

I have no idea what my dream job is. I think that I maybe will end been a teacher, but I don't know. I really like to teach and help other. I also like to get things in order, and see that my work makes a change. One thing I know, is that it will be something with humans.

Three things I would like to do before I kick the bucket

Parachute jumping

I think it looks so funny, and it will give a big time experience. It may be fantastic to float so high in the air.

Visit the worlds nationalities

I would like to meet the most of the world nationalities. My parents have the idea, that they will show me one country in each continent. They have showed me Europe, Africa, North America and Oceania. I will at any rate visit the rest three continents, but I will not stop there. I will see, experience and live in the world.

Could smile just before I kick the bucket

I really want to be content with my life, and have lived every day fully. I want to look back at my life and smile.