By: Thea Grosse

The Titanic is Sinking!

Everyone says that the Titanic wasn't strongly built right, or didn't have good rivets. But the real question is, why didn't they have enough life boats? Every boat should atleast have a certain amount of passengers on there boat. That is how most people died. Another question is, why did the boat not have a gash or hole in it? Like in a car wreck or if you bump into someone there would be a hole or gash maybe. Right? People are still trying to answer the second question. I think we will find the answer too, by scientists.

The Reason Why People Died

Most people got onto lifeboats and sailed away but on the other hand, some people didn't get to go because there wasn't enough lifeboats to save everyone.Some people who didn't get on a lifeboat, and jumped off probably got hypothermia. Hypothermia is a sickness that you get when you get way too cold, and freeze to death. A lot of people stayed on the boat or got trapped, and went down with the Titanic.

A Timeline of the Titanic



We are now exploring new, and safer ways to make ships, have a certain amount of people aboard, have enough lifeboats, and to have somebody under the captains order to sit by the radio and to watch radar.