The King of the World 💰

By Exodus, Diya, and Julia

Gold: The New King of the European World

So What's Inside Today's Issue?

  • Spanish and England Go To War-
  • What exactly is the Northwest Passage?
  • Daily Comics- Cartier
  • Viewpoint- Interviews From the Past
  • Where's Everyone going?
  • Money & Economy- Inflation Trouble

Spain and England Go to War

Spain and England were involved in a conflict, so King Philip II of Spain created the Spanish Armada, which was eventually defeated by the English Fleet. Of course, this defeat set the Spanish back. Although, there were also problems with their economy. The gold and silver that was sent to Spain from the Americas was rising in price. Both the loss of the Spanish Armada and the complications in Spain's economy gave the other European countries a chance to claim land in America.

Daily Comics

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*The following comic is from: It is only a sample.

What's the Northwest Passage?

Europeans wanted to find the Northwest Passage to find a faster way to the Pacific Ocean to to get to America. England began to send men to find this path but nobody could find a route. Sailor John Cabot knew King Henry the Seventh wanted to find the path. John Cabot ask the king if he can explore in exchange for a piece of the land. The king agree and Cabot’s trip began. Cabot left little info of what happened but his trip was a success and found new land which is called Canada in the present day.

VIEWPOINT: Interviews from the Past

The Lost Colony of Roanoke: An Interview with John White

After England's war with Spain, Mr. White of Roanoke went to revisit his colony where he found out- it was deserted. "I have no idea what happened!" John White exclaimed when our reporters asked him the hard-hitting questions.

Q: What do you believe happened at Roanoke?

A: I have no idea! The war between England and Spain prevented me from coming back to Roanoke. When I did come back, the whole place was deserted.

Q: Our sources say that you found something quite interesting. What was it?

A: The words Croatan were carved on some wood. (Mr. White glancing behind his back.) They are group of Natives who live Roakone.

Q: Do you think that the Croatan did something to them?

Mr. White abruptly leaves the room.

The Loast Colony of Roanoke is still a mystery today.

Down the Mississippi: An Interview with La Salle

La Salle is known for his trumpihant journey down the Mississipi for France. Thanks to him, the French spread through present day America.

(French to English Translation)

Q: So how was is traveling down the Missispi River?

A: Of course there were some hardships, but it was well worth it.

Q: How does it feel to represent your country, France?

A: It feels wonderful!!!! The King had send a letter a few months after my journey.

Q: Who's your role model?

A: Chaimplan! He claimed so much for France, and established that trading, what's it's name? Ah, Quebec!!

Where's Everyone Going?

The Era of Exploration caused people from all around the world to settle in the Americas. But where exactly?

Money & Economy

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Here, we can see that the prices after the discovery of America greatly increased, which damaged Spain's economy.