By:Braylee Koehl

Types of Angles

Acute Angles

Acute angles are angles less than 90 degrees. Ex. slides, w, k.

Straight Angle

Straight angles are exactly 180 degrees. Ex. side of a door, side of a desk, flag pole.

Right Angles

Right angles are exactly 90 degrees. Ex. corners of a door, corners of a desk, corners of a flag.

Obtuse Angles

Obtuse angles are less than 180 degrees but greater than 90 degrees. Ex. lawn chair, lab top


Finding Missing Angles for Quadrilaterals

If you have a trapezoid and the angles are congruent and you have an a,b,c,d.

If a,d is 105 and 75 degrees the other sides of the trapezoid would be the same and it would add up to 360 degrees

Types of Triangles

Finding Missing Angles for a Trigales

If you a isosceles triangle and one angle is 50 degrees.

The other angles have to be the same congruent.

1. subtract 50 by 180 and you get 130

2. divide 130 by 2 and you get your answer witch is 65 degrees.