Classical Curriculum

How Does the Classical Curriculum Help Children?

From a young age, children’s minds are shaped by their educators. While the values of your parents are also very important, most kids learn to think and form opinions when they are at school. They also develop their ability to think, be creative and play an active role in their education. Instead of putting your child in a regular school where they will probably receive a sub-par education from an overworked instructor, think about a classical curriculum school. These teachings place a very heavy emphasis on liberal arts, history and the Christian philosophies.

By looking at the Romans, Greeks and other Europeans for inspiration, the classical curriculum features teachings of other languages, an in-depth look at the history of Europe and the United States, and a deep education into various subjects. The classical curriculum is not about creating students who can recite sentences or memorize math solutions. Instead, it is about creating critical thinkers who can use a variety of means to improve their knowledge.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a heavy focus on the past. After all, we would not be here if our previous generations had not made so much progress. There is a benefit to understanding the roots of Christianity, how it manifested in areas such as Athens and Rome, and how it has evolved since then. In addition, a liberal arts basis for your child’s education makes them into a well-rounded individual. It is no good excelling at math if you cannot communicate or articulate your thoughts to others. The classical curriculum emphasizes every subject.

Sometimes parents think about putting their child in such a school when they are older. However, it is beneficial to start from preschool if you want your child to learn this curriculum properly. That way, they become critical thinkers and open-minded individuals from when they are very young.

One of the biggest drawbacks of a typical education in this country is the way the past is taught. So many classes spend time dealing with American and World history, but it seems as if the past mistakes of our ancestors take up the primary focus. There is so much taught about wars and slavery and other topics, while the progress we made as humans is ignored. That is not to say we should ignore past mistakes, but it is also good to show our children how their ancestors struggled and overcame obstacles to build modern cities and societies.

When your child gets educated through the classical curriculum, they are proud of the past and willing to change the future. By understanding both the good and the bad from the past 100 or 200 years, they are in great shape to become active thinkers and leaders in the future.

We do not want students who are simply reciting words their teachers told them, or studying in order to pass tests. We want students who are genuinely curious and excited about the world around them. A student studying math should want to learn the different formulas and methods, not just endure them for the sake of getting a grade.

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