The Heart of Haleʻiwa

December 10, 2021 Volume II Issue IX

In this Issue...

  • Robotic Competition: North Shore Vex IQ Tournament
  • Haleʻiwa Elementary's Essence/ Choose Love Christmas Tree
  • Santa Claus visits Haleʻiwa Elementary
  • Literacy Corner: Scholastic Book Fair
  • Kindergarten Garden Update by Ms. Brooks
  • Third Grade Writing Club: What are your Top 5 Memories from 2021?
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Haleʻiwa Ohana Nights: Spreading Kindness by Ms. Yonting
  • Education as a Social Determinant of Health by Nurse Connie
  • Kākou Connection December 2021 by Mrs. Nakamura

Robotic Competition: North Shore Vex IQ Tournament

This past Saturday (12/4/21) both fifth and sixth grade robotics teams had the opportunity to compete at the North Shore Vex IQ Tournament at Waialua High/Intermediate gym. It was our first full day, in person event since January 2020. Although both teams brought their game faces, they represented our school and community with class, while emulating the essence of Haleiwa.

Congratulations to both teams on their top 3 finishes (out of 12 teams). We dedicate our 2021-2022 season to all the families in our community who have been impacted by various challenges in 2021. We are rooting for you.


Mr. Jared Haiola

Haleiwa Elementary

Haleʻiwa Elementary's Essence/ Choose Love Christmas Tree

We are excited to be participating in the North Shore Stable's tree decorating contest. Please go vote for our tree at the stables each day and we can win a pizza party for our school!

Our students painted wooden ornaments in the shape of: stars, hearts, butterflies, rainbows, taro, plumeria, and of course- ʻiwa birds.

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Santa Claus visits Haleʻiwa Elementary

On Friday. December 10th, Santa Claus stopped by Haleʻiwa Elementary to take pictures with our wonderful students who have been good all year! Most students took class pictures as well as individual/family pictures as requested by our families. Students will receive a copy of their picture during the week of December 13.

Literacy Corner

Mahalo! Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser

Our Scholastic Book Fair Monday, November 29- Friday, December 3 at the Hale'iwa Elementary Library was a huge success! Thank you for participating and buying books for our students. We were also able to buy some new books for our school library with some donations. We will have a second book fair April 11-14. All monies raised are used to sponsor student activities.

Kindergarten Garden Update

by Ms. Brooks

Our garden is growing! Ms. Brooks’ class planted lettuce seeds, carrots, and tomatoes a few weeks back. The class has been checking in on their garden every single morning. They water it every morning and pull out pesky weeds that pop up. The students have really taken pride in the garden.

This week they were able to harvest the lettuce and take it home to their families. It was a very exciting day. They can’t wait for their tomatoes and carrots to be ready!

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Third Grade Writing Club: What are your Top 5 Memories from 2021?

by Kaleo Jorgensen

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by Mason Sebetich

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship teaches students to be safe, outstanding citizens in a digital world. Leilehua Complex staff is happy to announce that we just established a partnership with Common Sense. Through this partnership, we wanted to share a Digital Citizenship flier with a couple of links that we hope you find useful.

Click on the picture below for more information.

Haleʻiwa Ohana Nights: Spreading Kindness

by Ms. Yonting

Aloha Hale'iwa Families,

For our Hale'iwa Ohana Nights activity, we thought it would be a great idea to do something that your kids are also doing in school and that is spreading kindness. Spreading kindness is like a ripple effect and it only takes one person to be kind to start the effect. For the activity, families can create a sign and post the sign on the fence or in your yard with a positive and kind word. For example, "Spread Aloha," "Stay Positive," "Be Strong," and "Be Forgiving" the list is endless.

The families can also draw a picture and post it in the window of your house or your car for the community to admire while passing. Attached is "Inspiring Words of Kindness" to help you and your Ohana come up with ideas. Have fun spreading love and kindness in our Hale'iwa community. It could honestly make someone's day!

Click on the file below for some inspiring words for kindness.

"Where there is kindness, there is goodness and where there is goodness, there is magic." -Cinderella

Staying in school has shown to improve a person’s long term health, life-expectancy, and economic outcomes for the future. In other words, the better educated a person becomes, the more likely they are to live a healthier, longer life and achieve economic stability.

We currently have a country-wide problem of chronic absenteeism. Chronic absenteeism presents not just missed opportunities for children to learn academically, but also missed opportunities for engagement and interaction that help children grow emotionally and socially.

Common health problems in children today include uncontrolled asthma and mental health considerations. To holistically support a child, schools and healthcare providers can partner in identifying health factors that prevent a child from fully participating and attending school much sooner than later.

It is important for parents to include discussions about their child’s school attendance with their healthcare providers. Together, education and healthcare can enhance children’s potential for successful and productive lives.

For more information on education as a social determinant of health, please click on the link below:

Schools - Healthy People 2030 |

Kākou Connection December 2021 by Mrs. Nakamura