Elginburg & District Public School

September 1st, 2020

Hello Elginburg Families!

We are ready to go here at Elginburg! The floor decals are down, the classrooms are ready for students, the hand sanitizer is plentiful and the teachers are excited to welcome your children!

Don't forget that we have staggered entry for the first 6 days of school! We will see students from A-L on Thursday, September 3rd and students from M-Z on Friday, September 4th!

This afternoon, our staff have been busy calling you! We hope hearing our friendly voices will help ease the first day jitters.

A few things to remember:

  • Parents are not allowed in the school building or on the playground - safety first!
  • There will be staff at the front of the school to welcome students and direct them to the playground (we will also help worried students get to their lineup & sad parents to their car - :))
  • We will only be using the EAST doors (not the parking lot entrance) to enter the yard.
  • Parking will be a challenge; take your time and be patient
  • End of the Day: All children will exit the building via the EAST gate. They will depart from oldest to youngest. For the first few weeks we will start departing at 3:25 to ensure all students have time to get to the bus. You can meet them on the front lawn of the school: once you have your child(ren) please head to your car to make way for other parents
  • Students will wear their masks before and after school; even on the back yard
  • Recess will be MASK FREE
  • Mask breaks are built into our day - lots of outside time for learning and fresh air
  • Remember to bring a change a clothes in case you get wet!
  • Grade 1-8 - all backpacks will be on the back of your child's chair or in a basket in the classroom. Don't over pack!
  • If you wear rubber boots to school please bring a change of shoes
  • Footwear must be running shoes for safety reasons/and phys. ed.
  • Label your child's belongings
  • Send 2 masks in case one gets wet or soiled
  • Students will keep their masks in a safe spot in the classroom during recess
  • There will not be recess before school; students will go straight to their line up in the yard with their MASK ON

Call us with ANY questions,

Martha Duncan

Principal and Lead Learner


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Where Do I Go on the First Day?

First Day Instructions!

How Will I Go to the Washroom?

Washroom Breaks - No problem!

Please Return Borrowed Technology on THURS and FRI

We are so glad you were able to use the school iPads and chromebooks for the past 6 months but we need them back! Our in class learning depends on them!

Please put the device in your child's backpack on the first day of school. We will collect them and disinfect them.

Don't forget the cord!

Access to School

Access to the school building will be restricted to students and staff.

If your child is arriving after the start of the school day, use the outdoor buzzer and your child will be signed in.

If your child needs to leave early for an appointment, please contact the school office ahead of time, so we can have your child/ren ready.

If will be very important to have children at school on time this year, and where possible schedule appointments outside of school hours. We want to keep children safe by having the least amount of movement throughout the school.


We have been working with our partners at Tri-Board Transportation to develop safety protocols for student transportation.

If you were on a bus last year, you are set up for busing this year. If you are new to Elginburg you need to fill out the bus form at https://triboard.ca/

Please visit https://triboard.ca/covid19/ for the latest protocols and expectations for riders and families.

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