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Valley Park Elementary

Coaching Through Collaboration

The new year is here! There is so much to think about, plan, and prepare. You're thinking to yourself, "I don't have time to take on one more thing," or "Coaching is not for me." Believe me, I hear you!

What is Student Centered Coaching?

Student Centered Coaching is:

  • an opportunity for us to co-teach and learn in a partnership.
  • guided by learning goals based on the standards and our curriculum.
  • analyzing student evidence to guide our instruction.

It is not:

  • evaluation.
  • me telling someone what to do.
  • a "fix the teacher" mental

Collaboration Connections from Spring Virtual Teaching

Coaching Cycles

Cycles might sound daunting, but they are designed so that we can work over time to see student growth.


  • Last 4-6 weeks- I count out school days and remove half days, special event , & days before vacation
  • Focused on writing or reading
  • Include weekly planning sessions
  • Use Missouri Learning Standards and learning progressions to create goals and learning targets for student growth
Co-Planning and Co-Teaching

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