Non-Direct Care Workers

Training Package

Manor Green School


Manor Green school focuses on children and young adults ranging from 2-19, who have additional needs and require more attenetion compared to being in a mainstream school where they are not able to faciliate to their requirements, the school is one of the most successful special schools across the country. The staff have a high expectation for the students; health and safety, hapiness, educational development, social development, communication skills and their independance.

Schools aims- To ensure that each individual student has the best possible outcomes educational wise and within the future.

Excellence For All

Non direct careworkers

All the non direct care workers are important in this setting. This is because it is critical to ensure that all the schools facilities are maintained to a high standard. Health and Safety should be promoted throughout the school.

Cleaners are important for ensuring is clean. At lunch time the hall becomes really messy, therefore needs to be cleaned and tidied to ensure that it is safe to use for lessons such as PE. This is so that any trip hazards can be avoided. Not only that but class rooms and also toilets must be cleaned. It is important that the staff and the non direct care workers, work closely together, this is to ensure that any messes or spillages around the school are cleaned up.

The receptionist is extremely important, Their responsability is to promote safety of the children. They are responsible for who is allowed access within the school. They are also responsible for passing messages on to the teachers or to parents to inform them on situations.