Jackson's a Zero

Jackson = 0

The Indian Removal Act

Conjured subject or citizens of the U.S.A? To Jackson these people are no more than disposable. As shown he went to congress and ask for a bill to move the Indians off their home lands. It was passed on May 28, 1830. Enforced by the US army the Indians were moved off their home lands on to reservations west of the mississippi river. most of the indians we not well prepared and were given nothing when they got to the reservation. Ask your self is Jackson a hero or Zero

Nullify or Secede?

The Great State of South Carolina Decided to abolish or nullify, the tariff of abomination. As it was destroying their economy and wealth. If Jackson or congress tried to enforce the tariff south carolina would secede. Instead of leaving south carolina alone he had to crush their economy with a heavy foot just so the US could get richer. He had congress create the force bill which allowed Jackson to invade south carolina with the US Army. South Carolina was forced to have their economy crushed. I keep asking is Jackson a Hero? or Zero


Jackson A Hero? or just a Big Fat Zero

The Trail of Tears

The Monarchy Jackson strikes again on the Trail of Tears. As a direct result from the Indian removal act; the Cherokee, tribe was forced to leave their homes unprepared not given any supplies and most were bare foot. Along the way the Cherokees were beat whipped and even killed without a second thought. By the time the Cherokees got to the reservation they had lost 4,000 people 25% of their population. There was no shelter food water or clothes for them when they arrived. Don't you see Jacksons a mean a cruel person, Now answer this question is Jackson a Hero or Zero.

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