WSHS Senior Notes

October 2020

College Application Month

College Application Month starts on October 1st! CFNC sponsors this event every year to help seniors stay on track and motivated in filling out and submitting college applications, submitting their FAFSA, and meeting important deadlines! WSHS proudly partners with CFNC to assist students during this event!

College Application Week

Here at WSHS, Ms Britt and Ms Breslin will be available to help seniors fill out their college applications and submit them the week of October 19-23, 2020. We will be in the media center from 11:30 until 2:00 pm to assist any senior that may need it. Many colleges waive their application fees that week, so there will be no cost to submit the application. Remember, community college applications are always free!

FAFSA Assistance

Due to Covid19, we have not been updated as to when the FAFSA assistance day will be this month. However, Stanly Community College has graciously offered to help anyone with their FAFSA, even if you are not attending SCC! The number to call is 704-991-0302, and someone in their Financial Aid Department will be happy to schedule an appointment to assist you in filling out your FAFSA if you need help!
CFNC: Countdown to College
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Keep Up With Your Deadlines!

Just as a reminder, deadlines on the collegiate level are set in stone! There are application deadlines, scholarship application deadlines, and so on. Please make sure that you know what those deadlines are, and that you submit all information, applications, and supplements in to your college(s) of choice by the deadlines that they set!

Scholarship Databases

Remember the National, State, and Local Scholarship Databases that were sent out to you via email and are posted on the counseling section of the WSHS website! Please take a look at those - see what you qualify for and try!! Most of the local opportunities come out in late fall to early Spring!

We Are Here For You!

If you need us, we are here for you to help support your way through your college applications, FAFSA, and anything else you might need assistance with. We know these are trying if you need any help, please reach out - Call us, email us, or come on by!

Penny Breslin - 704-961-5207 -

Ashley Britt - 704-961-5208 -

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