Analizing Viola

She's the Man!

Violas Identity

Viola in the movie She's the Man she as in viola is seen as a girl who likes to play soccer but does not get noticed for the equality that she should be getting by the other characters. she then makes a master plan to go attend her brothers college and disguises herself to be her brother "Sebastian" and proves to people that she is the food soccer player she says she is. Then in the play "twelfth's night" Viola is this young lady who is seeking to get into the castle so she too disguises herself as a man "Cesario" to work for Olivia but every thing ends up being a big great "love triangle"

Violas Gender

in the movie she's the man viola thinks that she needs to prove to people the good soccer player that she knows she is, so she goes on and disguises herself as a man who is trying to prove her self. but really she was a girl under the face of a man which was her brother. like the part in the movie when she asks her friend Paul Antonio for the make over and introduces her plan to him.

Peoples Perception of viola

at first in the movie she's the man people see viola as just a girl who takes things to seriously and is not so lady like but when she is known as her brother "Sebastian" she is seen as a weird boy who is a lady's man and up coming good soccer player. but then when people find out who she really is they try to doubt her all over again until people have actually seen that has proven herself to the team. like through out the whole movie

Similarities and Differences shared with viola

Viola and I are similar because we both share the same gender obviously, but also she has a brother and I to have a brother so I can kind of share the brotherly connection she has with her brother because I can relate to how they act towards each other. we also the same because she stands up for what she thinks is right or believes, which I do too. we are different because she is an athletic girl which I am not really so that's how we are different.