By: Kayne Adames


The tundra is a freezing cold biome with it's winter temperatures getting getting as low -70 degrees fahrenheit and its summers getting up to a cold 20 degrees fahrenheit. With the temperature only getting up to 20 degrees at it's hottest time of the year it creates permafrost. This crazy environment also only gets 10 inches of rain or less a year, that's about as much rain as a desert gets. This cold environment is also home to many animals. Like the Musk Ox, Caribou Polar Bears and many more interesting creatures. The Tundra is really one amazing environment.

Abiotic & Biotic Factors

Abiotic- Biotic- -Water -Rocks-Sun -Temperature -Soil -Wind

Biotic- -Musk Ox -Snowy Owl-Cotton Grass -Polar Bear -Caribou


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How Humans Help &Harm The Tundra


- Switch to alternative energy sources.

- Establish protected areas.


- Over hunting the organisms that live and thrive here in the tundra.

- Destroying the habitats that they live in.

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Humans Helping The Tundra

Humans Harming The Tundra

Interesting Facts

- The Tundra covers one tenth of earths crust.

- The tundra biome is considered a carbon dioxide sink because it stores more carbon dioxide than it gives off.