The Outsiders Summary

The Outsiders is based upon a young boy named PonyBoy Curtis. Living with his two brothers; Darry Curtis who is 20 years old, and Sodapop Curtis who is 16; they lost their parents in an automobile accident. Their getting raised by their brother Darry ; just as long as Pony and Soda behave themselves they wont have to go to a boys home.

It all starts off from PonyBoy walking home from the movies by himself after seeing an Paul Newman movie. A gang of Socs stops and jumps him they beat him up pretty badly, but good thing he yelled loud enough for some of his gang members to hear and came to help, by then the Socs had gotten away. Socs are the west side rich guys and the rivals to the Socs are the Greasers who are poor grease heads from the east side.

Greasers are the type of guys to wear black leather jacks with white tee's and jeans; while the Socs like to wear casual clothing like madras shirts boy shorts to the knees with the cardigan tied around their top shoulders around the neck.

The next night PonyBoy and two others from his gang Dally, and Johnny snuck into a drive-in movie. Once they've gotten into the movie they met two girls names Sherry (Cherry) Valance and Marcia. During the movie the girls left their dates because they were drinking and had gotten drunk. The boys were sitting behind Cherry and Marcia while the movie was going Dally was given the girls hard time wouldn't leave them alone after they told him to. After Johnny telling dally to lay off he did. After a while their friend Two-Bit shows up; they started talking to the girls and ended up walking the girls home, but on their way the girls Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends comes along the way, and wants to fight the greasers for walking their girls home. Cherry's the type of girl that's hates fights so she stops them before they could do anything and agreed to get in the car with socs to stop the arguing and wanting to fight.

After everything PonyBoy and Johnny go to a vacant lot just to chill and hang out and ends up falling asleep; when PonyBoy wakes up he realizes its past his curfew. As he rushes home Darry is up waiting for him when PonyBoy arrives in the home Darry is so furious with him he ends up hitting him in the face. Which gets Pony very angry he storms out the house going back to the vacant lot where Johnny is and tells him what happened. Pony's so ma he wants to run away, but instead they go to the park just to cool down. As they sit there Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends appears again; Johnny and Pony are outnumbered by the socs. The socs starts pick on them and one of them grabs Pony by the hair and shoves his face into the fountain full of water and holding his head in the water for a long period of time to the point where Pony is about to drown, Johnny panics and pulls out a switch blade and stabs the soc ( Bob) the other socs hurries up and runs off leaving Bob there and he dies.

Both Johnny, nor Pony knows what to do so they go find Dally and gets his help. Dally gives them $50 and a place to hideout in till things things cool down. The boys hop on a train that same night to go to the abandoned church Dally told them about and they camp out there till Dally comes and tell them what to do next. Both Johnny and Pony cut their hair and Pony dyes his hair blonde for a disguise. The way they made time go by faster his playing cards and reading the book Gone with the Wind.

After days and weeks dally shows up and takes them to Dairy Queen's to eat. Dally tells them that Cherry valance is helping the greasers by being an spy for them. She testified that Bob was drunk the day of his death and that everything was self defense.

Johnny decides he wants to turn himself in. As they go back to the church they seen that it was on fire. There was school kids trapped inside of the burning church and PonyBoy chooses to be the hero and knock out a window and goes inside to save the children; Pony realizes that Johnny followed in after him. They save al the children, but as they try to get out of the church the roof caves in as one burning board lands on Johnny and burns him severely. PonyBoy barely makes it out. The boys were named Juvenile Delinquents Turn Hero's in the papers. Being rushed to the hospital were PonyBoy is reunited with his brothers.

Johnny was in a bad condition on the urge of dying because of how bad he was burned. Sadly Johnny does end of dying putting Dally in condition of losing his mind and he robs a grocery store. After the police was after him Dally hurried and called his gang members for help. By the time they arrived to where Dally was the police had to and Dally is trapped surrounded by the cops. Dally holds up a gun with the police thinking it was loaded they shot and killed Dally.

After having to go through all of that Pony loses two people that meant something to him he decided to write about it for his English paper starting off from "after leaving a Paul Newman movie".

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