First Grade News

November 17th-21st


Phy Ed/Spanish

We will learn our new word chunk "ay". We will have Daily 5 Centers. We will write about what we did on the weekend. We will watch a flipped math video for the first time. We will see what we can learn from the video to practice math.


Phy Ed/Music

We will practice making "ay" words. We will have our Daily 5 Centers. We will write a story using a picture to "prompt" us. We will like the picture, so we can write a good story! We will watch another flipped math video on recognizing numbers on a ten frame. We will talk about the main idea of a story.


Phy Ed/Spanish

We will put our spelling words in ABC order. We will have Daily 5 centers. We will write a new story from a picture prompt. We will watch another math video on parts of ten. We will practice making ten. We will watch "The Grinch" and talk about our field trip tomorrow.


We will go on our Field Trip to the Children's Theater to see "The Grinch". We will enjoy a live show at the theater. We will write about our favorite part of the play. DON'T FORGET TO BRING A BAG LUNCH AND BEVERAGE! THERE WILL NOT BE LUNCH AT SCHOOL IN THE CAFETERIA! WE WILL EAT WHEN WE RETURN! DON'T FORGET TO EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST!!!!


Phy Ed/Music

We will have our spelling test. We will have our Daily 5 Centers. We will make a main idea turkey. We will watch a flipped math video and learn a new making tens game. We will practice making tens while playing the game.

Parent Notes

IMPORTANT! Your child needs to bring a bag lunch and beverage to school on Thursday due to our late return from the Children's Theater. We will not be back in time to get lunch from the cafeteria. Also, please make sure your child has a good breakfast on Thursday. We will be back by approximately 1:00 which is later than we normally eat.

Please help your child practice spelling words at home each week. The sight words are much harder at this point and they take some additional practice. Remember to use the spelling choices found in your child's folder for practice ideas.

The school will be implementing changes to the recess/lunch/coats issue. We hope it will improve the process. Remember that your child needs to be able to manage their outdoor clothing without much assistance at school. You can help by working with them at home to be independent. It is a HUGE job for them at school and can be very overwhelming for them.

Thanks for all you do for your children!

Spelling Week 8 "ay" Chunk

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