one of the only places left

could we live there?

kepler-438b is the most earth like planet that we know of so far. the planet is fascinating in many different ways. This planet is livable for humans but we do not know how long we would survive and if it would be suitable for us humans. One of the reasons we dont begin moving right know is because of water problems and lighting on this planet. Another thing we do not know yet is how we would travel there and bring everyone with us and bring supplies to begin our new life on a new planet.

all about the planet!

what you need to know!

The planet kepler-438b is always has 40% more hotter then earth. The length of this planet is 35 days equals a single day on earth. Kepler has no moon and no rigs around it. In order for us to travel there we would have to go 470 light years away from earth. This distance is extremly far and we do not know if it is even possible to do this in a life time of a person.

Some of the problems we have and how to overcome them.


1.The light source is about 2000 degrees cooler and half the size of earth.

2.One side of the planet never gets any sun.

3. We will have a problem with water evaporating into ice.


1.We will have to create much cooler clothes than what we have now.

2.Do not stay on the one side of the planet.

3.We could melt the ice and this would provide jobs for people just moving over.

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EARTH 2.0-kepler 438b Most Earth like planet ever discovered !! !!!