Breakfast at Timiney's

Ever wondered how to make a traditional english breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important part of the day!

A traditional english breakfast includes; bacon (traditionally back bacon) ,poached or fried eggs,fried or grilled tomatoes,fried mushrooms,toast with butter,sausages and baked beans.This can be served with a cup of tea! :)

To make this you will need..


2 sausages

100 grams of mushrooms

2 rashers of bacon

2 eggs

150 grams of baked beans

vegetable oil

ketchup or other sauces

Lets get cooking!

Step 1: The sausages take the longest to cook approximately 12 minutes (longer if needed)so its best to cook them first.Place them in a pan with some preheated vegetable oil and turn them regularly.

Step 2:First clean the mushrooms then slice them if needed and add them to a seperate pan with some preheated vegetable oil.Toss or stir the mushrooms on a gentle heat for 5 minutes then place them on a warm plate.

Step 3:Cook the Bacon! once the sausages are finished place the bacon in the same pan and turn them every minute or so until it is cooked the way you like it.

Step 4:Cook the baked beans.Put the baked beans into a saucepan on the stove and stir over a gentle heat. Or... they can be heated in the microwave until hot. :)

Step 5:Are you a good multitasker??

Whilst you keep turning the bacon and sausages and stirring the beans, crack two eggs into a separate pan. Pour some oil on the eggs. Once the yolks have gone opaque, the eggs are done, including everythin else. :)

Step 6:Place all the ingredients on a large plate and enjoy! This can be accompanied by a nice cup of tea or juice.

Hard work right?

There may be quite a few steps but as long as you don't make it like this.. you should be fine :)

How To Make Breakfast