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Thursday May 9,2013

8th amendment

the 8th amendment is a cruel and unusual punishment. If you do something really bad like doing criminal justice. You would be sent to the supreme court giving the punishment for life.

Furman v Georgia

Mr. Furman went inside a private house and decided to bring a gun with him. When he was going to leave the house he accidently dropped his gun and the bullet ended up hitting the house owner. After the whole incident the court found him guilty from the murder.

Dear Editor,

I completely and strongly agree about the death penalty to those who committed crime. For one of my reasons is that they're breaking the law and that they should learn how to be a better person. Second is that the law should not be loose because they can kill more innocent victims. Someone got killed in Colorado in the movie theater few days ago. He had family and if you put yourself in there shoes you would be sad and angry and you would want revenge and you would want for the killer to deserve his punishment.


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