Main duties typically consist of clearing used plates


Food attendants are often referred to as busboys--or in the case of female attendants, bussers. They typically clean tables and clean off used tables.They clean tables by carrying a plastic bin or pushing a cart, in which they place dirty dishes. They then take the dishes to the kitchen area to be washed.


Food attendants also may have to set and arrange tables and booths, and assist a server in bringing food and drinks to a table, and to keep arrange tables and booths
.*Keep clean tables* No pressure on customer


Oftentimes, food attendants earn much of their wages on tips left by the customer. Those tips are normally split between the attendant and server (and occasionally, the host as well). And since many food attendants tend to work on a part-time basis, their earnings can change based on how many people were there, if you worked during a busy hour (Dinner/Lunch)

Education/ background

There are no set educational requirements to become a food attendant. Many are high school or college students working their first jobs. Almost all can learn on the job. That said, some food attendants in fine-dining establishments may be required to have previous experience working as either a server, host or busser at another restaurant.