Crazy Talk7 June Offer

Buy 10 or more Crazy Talk7 licences – FREE Animation Library

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The world’s most popular facial animation tool. Use voice and text to vividly animate facial images.

Special Offer Details

Purchase 10 or more Crazy Talk7 or Crazy Talk7 PRO licences and recieve a FREE Auto Animation Library Vol.1. It provides you with 3 indispensable additions to compliment CrazyTalk7's Auto Motion Technology which allows your own voice to drive the intensity of the animation. With hundreds of templates and styles at your disposal, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect sample templates to give your character the desired movement and expression.

What's included in the FREE Auto Animation Library?

30 Sound Libraries and 63 Voice Scripts, 85 Auto Motions and 42 Motion Clips

Click here for more details about Sound Libraries and Voice Scripts.

Click here for more details about Auto Motions

Click here for more details about Motion Clips

New low prices for Crazy Talk are:
Crazy Talk7:
1-9 licences £15.00 each
10-99 licences £12.00 each

Crazy Talk7 PRO:
1-9 licences £69 each

10-99 licences £49 each

Licences are sent as digital downloads. Contact us for other licence size prices.

Special offer valid until June 30, 2013. Applies to purchases of 10 licences or more of Crazy Talk7 or Crazy Talk7 PRO. One free pack per customer.

Benefits for Education

It is no surprise that every day hundreds of schools worldwide use CrazyTalk in their classrooms to tell digital stories, animate historical characters, teach language courses, humanities, history and other school subjects. CrazyTalk is a great match for beginners, students, educators and all users that need a fun and educative animation solution.

• Design easy, fast & efficient training courses
• Immediately win and maintain students' attention
• Explore students' potential and hidden talents

• Show and Tell – improves self-expression
• Build confidence & self-fulfillment
• Take amazing projects home to share

• See immediate results and show childrens' work
• Improve parent-child relationship through collaboration
• Discover your child's hidden talents

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About Crazy Talk7

What's New

CrazyTalk7 provides you with all the great tools users expect from CrazyTalk, plus additional features such as the auto animation engine that animates characters with the power of your voice and the simple user interface, which makes generating natural-looking animations easier and faster.

PRO Features

On top of all the revolutionary features from the Standard edition such as Auto Motion Technology, CrazyTalk7 PRO provides you with full control over every detail, including advanced auto animation functions and key editing for your clips. Click here for a free trial download of Crazy Talk7 PRO.

Find out more about how Crazy Talk works by watching the video below

CrazyTalk7 Demo Reel - Auto Animate Images with your Voice

How to Order

Telephone TAG on 01666 843222 or email You can also place your order via our website. Click here to go to our Crazy Talk7 web page.