The JobFather

The JobLess .. The JobFather .. The JobMore !

Jobless , The highest and largely a youth phenomenon in the world !

Today, the unemployment rate in Tunisia among young people with a university degree is 30 percent. Since Tunisia’s 2011 revolution, the economy has had a hard time regaining its pre-Arab spring growth rates.

Addressing high unemployment is a longstanding but increasingly urgent challenge for Tunisia. Unemployment in the MENA region is the highest in the world and largely a youth phenomenon.

Unusually, education in Tunisia is not a guarantee against unemployment. In fact, unemployment tends to increase with schooling, exceeding 15% for those with tertiary education. Three years passed , we remain committed to the goals of the revolution -our powerful slogan - dignity, freedom and work.".


"The JobFather" gonna make you an offer , you can't refuse !

The JobFather is a social network works to provide every jobless youth in Tunisia with a personal and professionel "job GodFather" – using flexible and different resources as the primary tools.

The JobFather has underlined how incredibly important to create connection between the employee and job seeker.

In the post -revolution Tunisian Youth are capable, excited, and have the vision to become leaders for social transformation. We just have to give them the tools with which to do it.

The JobFather is a project inspired by the incredible and urgent need of jobs.

Guaranteed to have the greatest journey to grab a job.

How Does it work ?

We Match two kind of people :

  • JobLess _ Jobseeker
  • JobFather _ employee , employer , expert , professional

After we create the connection between the two partners , we provide for them the platform to work together on getting a job. Actually it is a mutual creative exercice between the Jobless and the Jobfather.

For Exemple :

- Mahdi , freshly graduated in computer science engineering looking for a job in web development.

- Hamdi , a web developer in X company for Y years.

Process :

Hamdi ( The jobFather ) accept to be the "Jobfather" of Mahdi.

Mahdi accept the help of Hamdi to grab a job.

Hamdi will support Mahdi during his journey to find a job. They have one mission : Grab a job for Mahdi.

It is so simple !

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