Roper Nursing Shared Governance

March 2016

RH Nursing Shared Governance


Here’s your opportunity to chat with Carolyn Donohue, VP Nursing CNO about updates on events at Roper Hospital and have an open forum discussion about “whatever”…


· Sunday, April 3rd, 4:00 p.m. – Edward Parker Board Room, 7 HVT

· Monday, Apr. 4th, 4:30 a.m. – Edward Parker Board Room, 7 HVT (by now, you know the drill, 0430 hour)

· Monday, April 4th, 2:00 p.m. – Edward Parker Board Room, 7 HVT

· Thursday, Apr. 7th, 4:30 a.m. – Edward Parker Board Room, 7 HVT

Who? All RH Department of Nursing personnel, i.e., RN’s, LPN’s, PCT’s and Unit Secretaries

The Roper Nursing Shared Governance Council is a col-laborative body of leaders representing staff and man-agement who share responsibilities of decision-making and operational success of actions affecting the prac-tice of nursing at Roper Hospital.



The CIPAC council is working hard toward all things HARBOR. Computer coach training begins mid April, follow by End User train-ing end of April. If you have not signed up for classes, pleased do so under net learning

Quality Council

Quality Council

1) Goal is to reduce CLABSI/CAUTI/Cdiff by 5% this year.

2) Looking for at least 1 unit based quality champion per unit.

3) Working to reduce mislabeled specimens by 50%. Staff should label all specimens at the bedside.

Professional Advancement Council

Professional Advancement Council

  • Certified Nurses’ Day celebration is scheduled for Friday, March 18th! Keep a lookout for flyers on your units for more details --- coming soon!
  • “Spotlight” on Careline --- Highlighting nurses working on advanced degrees &/or certifications. Get to know your peers, find out what colleges they are attending and check out their accomplish-ments! If you are working toward an advanced degree or have recently earned a new certification, tell us about it! We want to acknowledge your efforts! Contact Kathryn Prouse at:
  • Nursing Conference 2016: Coming this fall!
  • “Inspiring Nurses”: We are planning 3 activities this year to keep the motivation moving forward from the 2015 Nursing Conference. In January, we presented this year’s first project to the Unit Managers at their Huddle -- Rich Bluni’s “Yellow Car” concept --- What Inspires You? Posters were made with your unit’s yellow cars along with pictures from the nursing conference to be displayed on your unit. Extra “yellow cars” were distributed so those nurses, who were unable to attend, could add their “Inspirations” to the poster & share them with their peers! If you are in need of extra “yellow cars”, contact Cindy Woods at: If your department did not receive a poster, Kathryn Prouse will be happy to help you at:
  • Membership: We are welcoming new members! Come join our fun by contacting Cindy Woods at:

Practice Council

Professional Practice Council

  • Final design for ICON forms. Practice council is design-ing ICON forms to hand out to a representative of the patient to be “in charge of news”. The goal is to maintain HIPAA regulations while maximizing patient care.
  • Float packet availability needs to be more universal on each unit. Council is trying to create a sign and container that would be recognizable across units and readily available to those who float to other areas. Float packets include helpful tips for the unit as well as a float survey to hand into your manager at the end of your shift.
  • Final discussion of nurses week planning. On Thursday of that week Professional Practice will be in charge of Department PI contest. We will send out reminders this week to units for these projects.

Research Council

  • Nursing Research Conference with MUSC is June 24th at the new Ladson Campus. More info to come on who will be Key Note Speaker.
  • Implementing a Caring Network Environment Survey (St.Francis). Pre and Post Implementation of Jean Watson’s Caring Theory at Roper. Council wants to examine the impact of nurse’s perception of feeling cared for.
  • June Thorpe-Galy is in phase 2 of the End of Life Study. Awaiting IRB approval of new version of their proto-col, which was resubmitted this month.

Recruitment and Retention Council

Recruitment and Retention Council

  • Nurses Week- Continual organization of nurses week including Pizza Party and Roper Recognition Banquet at Bennett House
  • Creating new ideas to help staff become more knowledgeable on all the recognition programs and awards at Roper Hospital. Create a better break-down on what each award is and an easy place for staff to recognize one of their fellow teammates.
  • Creating a survey for staff- What would make you as a team member hap-py? Survey used to help create more retention and recruitment ideas to im-plement for Roper staff members.

Interested in Being Part of Shared Governance???

email Shared Governance Chair Emily Taylor at:

New Shared Governance Meeting

Tuesday, March 22nd, 1:30-3pm

Irene Dixon Auditorium- Roper Hospital

Anyone who is interested in joining a council is welcome to attend!

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