Team Cissel News

October Newsletter

Great First Month

We had a great first month of school. We know our rules and procedures and we are working on using our time wisely. We have a lot to do in a very short amount of time. We also have a lot more responsibility than we used to have in third grade. Please encourage your students to always try their best.


Please remember that the school provides snacks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students only need to bring healthy snacks on Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure they are individually wrapped. Students will not keep leftovers as they attract critters that are not welcome in our room. We are having an issue with ants so try to avoid high sugar snacks or crumbly snacks. I would like to thank Mrs. Bullock for providing some extra snacks for students who are not able to bring their own. If you are interested in sending in extra snacks, your donation is more than welcome.

New Unit

In Readers and Writers Workshop students will identify characters, and study how the characters develop through stories. We will also be talking about questions, how we ask questions before, during, and after reading. We ask all kinds of questions and questions keep us focused on what the author is trying to tell us.

In science students will identify physical properties of matter and how this is related to the classification of rocks and minerals. In social studies students will identify the impact of colonial history on the various regions in North Carolina.


Ok... let's be honest... it is VERY hard to check 27 kids homework every single day. So Mrs. Cissel planned a solution and so far it has been very helpful. We have homework club every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when time allows. Each club has its own leader. The students work together to make sure all of their homework is completed and ask and answer questions of one another. The team leaders report to me who has their homework and who does not. It is a work in progress but it seems to be working pretty well. Please encourage your students to do their homework every night. Reading is especially important.

AR and Book Checkout

The students have all been given their unique AR levels so it is time to start taking AR tests. The books they read at night for their homework should be at their AR level so that they can take a test when they are finished with a book.

Students have learned how to check out books in my classroom using an app. (always technology) called Classroom Organizer. Students check out two books and they can take them home. The books are due back in one week so that I can keep track of them. The students can check the book out again if they are not finished.