Roald Dahl

By: Ryan Hauh

Early Life

Roald Dahl was born September 13, 1916 in Llandaff, Wales. His parents were Norwegian. In 1918 Roald Dahl's younger sister, Ee was born and the family moved to Radyr. In 1920 His father Herald and sister Astri both died. Then in 1921 following the death of his sister and father, Roald Dahl and his family move back to Llandaff. In 1925 Roald Dahl begins his schooling at St Peter's, Weston-super-Mare. Then is 1929 Roald moves to Repton, where he spends the rest of his shooldays. In 1934 Roald starts working for Shell, then travels to Dar-es-Sakam to work for Shell. Then in 1939 after the outbreak of the WWII, Roald joined the Royal Air Force. In 1940 is flying a Gladiator and crashes into the Western Desert of North Africa. Then in July 1941 Roald returns to Britain, because of headaches caused by the crash in Libya. Then April- August 1941 Roald is posted to Washington, D.C to join the British Embassy as an assistant air attache. There he was encouraged to right about his experiences in the desert.

Later Life

Between December 1942 - April 1943 Dahl worked on The Gremlins. A couple years later in 1948 Dahl wrote his dystopian adult novel Some Time Never. Then in 1951 Dahl meets his future wife Patricia Neal. 2 years later at the age of 37 Dahl marries Patricia Neal. July 1954, Dahl and his wife Patricia buy a cottage in Great Missenden. A year later in 1955, his daughter Olivia is born. Roald's son Theo is born 1960 and Way Out presented by Roald runs for 14 episodes on American TV channel CBS. In November of 1961Roald published his first famous book for children, James and the Giant Peach. Then a year later his daughter Olivia dies from measles. Then from the 1960s - 1980s Roald goes on to write many of his most famous books. Roald the died November 23, 1990 at the age of 74.
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In Flying Solo, Roald Dahl talks about his experiences in his adulthood. How he went to Africa while working for Shell, and his experiences in the Royal Air Force. He meets some very interesting people and has a near death experience! The book is very entertaining and will definitely keep you interested.
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