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November 2020

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A Letter from the Principal

As I have visited the classroom, talked to teachers, staff, parents, and students over the past several months, it is obvious that there is a lot of uncertainty brought into our daily way of life. Because of those conversations, I find that I am more hopeful than I would have guessed. This hope comes from knowing that our Bonneville Community has wonderful and loving teachers who have worked throughout the summer to prepare thoughtful and engaging lessons for our students. This hope comes from hours of collaborative work, observations, and conversations from throughout the current school year with many groups of educators and community members. Bonneville has a plan in place that accounts for multiple perspectives, data, and professional recommendations; this comes from revising and revisiting plans at Bonneville to make sure we are providing the highest levels of safety and education for our students during this difficult time. I am always willing to listen to your perspective or answer any questions you might have.

Mr. Culley

Welcome to the Virtual Classroom

Mrs. Davis' Art Class

Visit the link below to see the online bulletin board for all the awesome art everyone has been making this week.

Mrs. Ford's Kindergarten Halloween Bash

My class had an online Halloween party! We started with our cameras off and gave three clues about what our costumes were before everyone guessed. Afterward we got to open our Halloween party in a bag and did some Halloween math, made crafts, played bingo and decorated cookies.

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September Highlights from Mrs. Lindsay's 1st Grade Class

Big picture

Aaron’s optimistic rock friend.

2nd Grade Goes on a Virtual Field Trip

Second Grade took a virtual Field Trip! The Living Waters Aquarium visited our Zoom classrooms and brought animals from the rain forest. We learned about a Ball Python, Gecko, and Rainbow Python. We learned about what they eat and how they would camouflage themselves out in the wild. Did you know that the Gecko has to lick their own eyes with their tongue to keep them moist? Also, we learned about the importance of taking care of planet Earth which is not only our habitat but all our animal friends' habitat as well. Thank You Living Waters Aquarium!

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Mrs. Winegar and Mrs. Sellin's 4th Grade Class Makes a Skeleton Hand

After studying a structure (the bones in our body) and discussing the many functions we have because of our bones, we made this skeleton hand.

5th Grade Engineers Haunted Houses

In 5th grade we have been engineering Haunted Houses. The students have been so creative with their different houses. We went through the engineering process. We planned, created, and improved. These are pretty spooky!

Links to classroom Padlets:

Jacobsen's class:

Mx. Taylor-Lof's and Mrs. Paur's classes:

6th Graders Make Stop Motion with Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Davis

All sixth graders have been working with Ms. Anderson and Ms. Davis on a collaborative Stop Motion Movie Project. Based on the culturally beautiful and diverse immigration picture book called "Dreamers," students researched a family history story and produced a cultural biography stop motion video that demonstrated high levels of creativity and fun!! Students and teachers have loved learning about our sixth graders' family histories!

Counselor Corner

SEL: Social Emotional Learning

Schoolwide Second Step is now on the sixth lesson of the year! In the first unit, students from grades k-5 covered Skills for Learning. Using both synchronous and asynchronous lessons, students participated in activities to challenge their attention, listening, assertive communication, and self-talk skills. Students understand that Skills for Learning will continue to help them be effective students well into middle and high school.

Moving beyond and into our seventh week of lessons, we will begin with investigating feelings and empathy. Students will learn that empathy allows us to understand how and why others might be feeling a certain way. Topics covered include taking others' perspectives, respecting similarities and differences, and having conversations and giving compliments.

Starting in November, students will receive bi-monthly Second Step lessons in their Zoom classrooms from the School Counselor.

Families are encouraged to follow along with the weekly scope and sequence of lessons by logging on to Second Step and visiting some of the at-home resources.

To visit and gain access to Family Resources, follow this link and enter your student's corresponding code:

Kindergarten: SSPK FAMI LY70

1st Grade: SSP1 FAMI LY71

2nd Grade: SSP2 FAMI LY72

3rd Grade: SSP3 FAMI LY73

4th Grade: SSP4 FAMI LY74

5th Grade: SSP5 FAMI LY75

Parent Teacher Association & School Community Council

Our 2020-2021 PTA

Hi there! Glad you are here. We hope you find a place with us at Bonneville and with our PTA.

This school year has started differently than any other but what remains the same is our desire to keep our community connected and involved, regardless of circumstance. We hope we can do that with your help! We already have the beginnings of a great team of volunteers who want to help make this happen, and we hope to have more. Please feel free to reach out to us. We would love your input and support.

Go Bobcats! We belong to Bonneville!

Warm Regards,

Macy Bell and Kerstin Bean


PTA Info & Membership

Our next PTA Meeting is Dec 2 at 7am over Zoom.

Go to our website to learn more about Bonneville PTA!


Click here for the School Community Council website.

Please join us for our next SCC meeting, November 19th at 7pm on Zoom. Link provided on Bonneville Broadcast. For items to be considered for the agenda, please email the chair, Leanne Freedman at no later than November 5th.

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