Question 1

As Media - Thriller Evaluation



Dream within a dream (R. Calvin Rmx) by Groof

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

We mainly wanted our film to be a traditional thriller. We wanted it to feel like the stereotypical thriller movie with a murderous antagonist, a female victim, and a protagonist male lead role character, which tends to be the main focus. Keeping to the conventional gender roles, the setting for our thriller was an important factor. A cold eerie park/pathway, with urban flats, a church and a sparse winter trees sets a typical visual genre.
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The scene shown here is a London tube station. We wanted to include this in our product to help establish the characters living in a city environment. With a low budget, less technology and very little equipment than a real thriller movie, the way with which the music was used helped to create a mysterious atmosphere. We also chose to conform to the tried and tested formula of the classic conventions of a thriller movie so it would be easy for our viewers to be able to recognize it as a thriller film. In our film we also used other conventions such as camera shots, along with sound effects. The use of a mirror, a tap with running water (in the bathroom scene), the alarm clock (in the bedroom scene), and how the opening scene has no speech. These are all known elements used in thriller films.
In addition what the actors are wearing – dark clothes by our “villain” while the “victim” was put into light clothing, adding touches of red to the “victim” (red lips, red handbag). Red in particular is an effective way to imply danger and blood. To add interest and create suspense for the audience, the villain’s face is kept off camera, concealing his identity, keeping the audience involved in the sinister theme. The opening to our thriller is dark, fast paced, with choppy disturbing visuals of a stalker/killer and the images of a young women being murdered by strangulation. It is a very unsettling dream the protagonist character is having about his young wife.
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We have tried to make the opening feel like your sure what it is you are witnessing – A Murder. The complexity of the plot fits the psychological thriller sub-genre because it is about dreams/nightmares that feel like premonitions.


A similar example of this product is the recent film “Inception”. We tried to have the look, feel and effects this movie captured for its audience. “Inception” was the film that influenced me the most as it is all about dreams and creating a sub-world that affects the real in time world.

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Conventions of a thriller:

Thriller films use a large range of conventions to make them interesting. These are:

- Blood

- Horror

- Shock

- Suspense

- Chase

- Cliff Hanger

- Irony

- Enigmas

- Tension

Types of thrillers:

- Legal

- Political

- Conspiracy

- Spy

- Psychological

- Action

- Supernatural

Another thriller convention is using a range of different shots:

- Point of view

- Jump cuts

- Close-ups

- Long shots