Mrs. Schluter Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 18, 2017

Week at a Glance:

In Math:

This week we will test on our Place Value unit on Wednesday. We will begin addition and subtraction using estimation this week. We have our Weekly Math Quiz and weekly fast fact quiz every Friday.

In Science:

We will continuing our Matter Unit. We will have our first Science CBA, on Scientific Method, Science Lab Safety and Science Tools on Thursday. We will have a lab stations this week. We will also have our Weekly Science Vocabulary Quiz on Friday.

Important Links:

Quizlet for Science vocabulary words

The students will also be working with Istation Math this year. When I have those logins I will link Istation for students to use for extra practice at home.

Important Dates to Know:

Sept. 19th Seele will be hosting our Open House at 6:00 p.m. please join us. We will have a Title Mtg. at 5:30 and a general PTA Mtg. at 5:45.

Sept. 27th- Progress Reports sent home

Sept. 29th- Fair Day, No School

From the Seele Office:

NBISD’s Community Education Department is currently registering children and adults for the two fall sessions. Your child can stay after school at select campuses and take tennis or karate. Interested adults can take yoga in the evenings at the Ninth Grade Center. Other off-site classes available to elementary students include music, singing, dance and gymnastics all for a nominal fee. View the full catalog online at or call 830-643-5729. Register today!