Haffer's Happenings

March 8, 2016

Hard to believe 3rd Quarter is coming to an end! I am looking forward to meeting with you all next week for parent/teacher conferences. As we head into spring break I just want to remind you to keep practicing the sight words and continue reading with your child every day. As your child reads continue to encourage him/her to make connections with the text as well as ask and answer questions before and during reading. Encourage them to read the text multiple times to improve their fluency.

Phonics/Sight Words

Phonics: We continue to practice the digraphs /th/, /sh/, /ch/ and will talk about /wh/.

Sight words: Last weeks words were

This week we are talking about were, when, came, and how.


We will be focusing our reading and writing lessons around the five senses. The children will be identifying the five senses and the part of the body used with each sense. We will continue practicing inferring-making predictions and drawing conclusions about a text as well as asking and answering questions about key details in a text.

We also continue to meet in small guided reading groups where children are instructed at their individual reading levels. During guided reading, the children are practicing the various reading strategies and other skills to help them become good readers. Please remember to have your child read their books to you when they bring it home and then return them to school the next day.


Writing this week will be about the five senses. Students will be writing to narrate a single event, recalling information from their experiences. They will be expected to capitalize the first word of each sentence, the pronoun I, put punctuation at the end of each sentence, finger space between words and spell sight words correctly in their writing. Students will be working at expanding their sentences to add more detail to them. An example of this is instead of writing "Mr. Brown sings." They would expand it to add details and write something like "Mr. Brown sings his favorite song at the party." Their stories will also include a topic sentence and at least 3 detail sentences.


Topic 11 is Decomposing Numbers 11 to 19. This is breaking a number down into a group of 10 and some ones. They will be using objects and drawing the groups on a double tens frame. They will then be writing the number sentence to match the drawing. We will finish this topic on Friday and take the assessment for it on Monday.