Concert Orchestra Winter Tour

December 11, 2015

Instrument Decorating Contest!

Winners will receive FREE LUNCH at CiCi's Pizza on the Tour Day!

Contest Rules:

  • Decorations may not impact your ability to play your instrument, or the sound that it makes!
  • No "sticking" things to your instrument... no glue, no stickers, no adhesive of any kind! However, you can stick things to your shoulder rest if you need a place to stick things. Just remember, your shoulder rest comes off to put your instrument in your case.
  • What's the solution? Tie things to your instrument! Tying ribbons or string around the scroll, tail piece, end pin, or shoulder rest are great ways to make sure you do not damage your instrument.
  • Be creative! Ribbon, bows, tinsel, wrapping paper, lights... the sky is the limit!
  • Don't forget about your bow!!

Things to Know/Bring

  • Wear your orchestra shirt, blue jeans, and closed toed shoes. Feel free to decorate your outfit, too! (i.e. wear a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, scarf, winter apparel, etc.)
  • Make sure that you check with all of your 1st-5th period teachers the day before the Tour to make sure that you are getting all the assignments you need for the weekend.
  • You WILL be attending 6th and 7th periods the day of the tour.
  • Report to the orchestra room first thing in the morning... don't even go to your 1st period class... just come straight to the orchestra room when you arrive at school. You can use the bar-code on your ID as your pass to get to the orchestra room before 8:25.
  • Bring $6.25 for lunch at CiCi's. People with exact change will be allowed to go through the line first!
Last year's Cello section performing at one of our performance locations!
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