Dolphin: The Jewel of the Ocean

By: Maggie Chua


Imagine yourself as a beautiful blue dolphin with a sleek, smooth skinned body, submerging yourself into the depths of the crystal clear ocean talking with your friends in the pod/ tribe while you hunt for different types of fish. In your mind you are thinking about all amazing and attentive friends swimming by your side when suddenly, dozen of fishing boats swarm above your head blocking out all the sun streaming through your home. You are scared and worried, but when you see a bunch of fish stuck in the invisible net, you gobble up as much as possible, but it is too late. The nets are brought back as you a heedless dolphin keep following the net leaving your friends behind. Out of nowhere, a shark comes! You try to run but instead of being in safety, you are stuck in the net and your friends are nowhere in sight. the nets take you out of the water and into the safety of the boat. Hopelessly, you beg the fisherman to let you out, but they don’t understand you taking you farther and farther from your home. This very intelligent animal is known for its agility, friendliness, and intelligence. Also, they have an interesting body structure, reproduction, and diet.


In conclusion, dolphins are magnificent, intelligent, and beautiful creatures. Having amazing body structure, reproduction, and intelligent ways to obtain food. As you can see, I think this animal will be remembered and loved in future generations, just like we do now.

Think Tank

In this section, you will see how much you know about dolphins and if you payed attention to my report. Do the quick quiz to find out.
In this next think tank activity, you will test yourself on how many of the words you know. There are clues to help you if needed. After you have all the word you don't know, search them up in the dictionary
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In this picture is a diorama I made. See if you can find all 8 organisms in the picture. There are numbers for you so you can guess the sea creature. Have Fun!
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Go Fish

In Go Fish, I did some research and put down the fish I would want for my fish tank. I had a budget of $250. I looked at and to see which items were cheaper. Before I bought the fish, I had to buy essential things such as a fish tank, a filter, filter cartridges, gravel, thermometer, food, and a bunch of decorations. I bought 6 decorations that were the usual things a fish owner would buy such as a rock garden, seashell decorations, coral cave, a purple plant, a water lily, and a castle. Afterwards I bought fish. A one inch fish needed one gallon of water, and my tank only had 20 gallons. I bought the following fish such as the angelfish (1), Fancy Guppy (4), Clownfish (4), a Pufferfish, and a Delta Guppy with a total of 20 inches. In total, I spent $245.12 in total. If you ever want to have your own fish tank, you can search it up on youtube and do some research about what you would like.

Chef's Corner

After doing research on interesting Australian food in my Family Life class, I picked a national dish in both New Zealand and Australia. Chef's Corner is an interesting part of the webpage that has interesting recipe. The dish I picked is pavlova. This is a famous dessert that is made like a cake except some you can cut out and looks like this as the picture shown below. To make this, you will need:


· 4 egg whites

· 1 ¼ cups of white sugar

· 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

· 1 teaspoon lemon juice

· 2 teaspoons of cornstarch

· 1 pint of heavy cream

· 6 kiwi peeled and sliced

Your prep time is 30 mins, while your cook time is 1 hr, and it is ready in 2 hr. If you are interested to make this, go on

This recipe appeared after a famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova toured both Australia and New Zealand. Even though there is conflict between these countries, they both claim their country made it and is the national dish of both. But, no one knows which country really created it. This dish was said to be created by a chef in a New Zealand hotel. When he saw Pavlova’s tutu, he became inspired to make the dessert in the shape of her tutu. But in Australia it is said, Pavlova was created for a tea dessert and when Pavlova came, it was named after her for visiting the hotel in Perth. However it is said that New Zealand invented the cake and named it meringue cake when the chef in the Australian hotel in Perth developed the recipe and named it Pavlova which was better known throughout the whole world.
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