Summer Reading Project

by triniti barker

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this summer i read the book Chinese Cinderella. I did complete the book and enjoyed it was sad on some parts but happy on others.

Charictor Analysis

My character's name is Adeline. Adeline is a kind, loving, generous and selfless little girl.

she is also very smart, the reason of this is because being smart is the only way she can get attention from her dad. I know that she is smart because the book states this, "I am going to be going to Collage soon" and she was only 14. Adeline gets exited about the little things because her character is thankful for everything she has.


The story takes place in China. Adeline, Niang, big brother, little brother, big sister, Nene and Baba are the main characters. Adeline doesn't like her step mother, Niang. niang is a rude and evil person that Is greatly hated, but some how Adeline's father loves her. aunt baba cant stand niang but she tries not to show along with everyone else but father because they are scared of her.

Rising Action

There is a lot of rising action some of the most important are... when Adeline sneaks out to her best friends house and niang slaps her and abuses her after caching Adeline. Another important rising action is when Adeline has to see her chicken get murdered by their family dog. the first time aniline get sent away to a school away from home was a big peace of the rising action because that leads to the climax in the next school she is sent away to. the last huge rising action that I noticed is that when she got sent away for the second time she never got any visitors or eggs sent from home so, she felt lonely.


The climax is when Adeline gets picked up from her second away from home school because of attackers. I know this not only because it is the most exiting but because it is when the story shifts into CRAZY but then its starts falling action.

Falling Action

the falling action of this story basically is really slow and stops adding new details. some of the most important are;

1. Adeline gets on a boat and sails to see her parents with her aunt and her 3 children they got along really well.

2.They got connected with everyone eventually and niang would not look at Adeline for the rest of the book

3. Adeline told her dad about the collage she wanted to go to and her dad said she could.

4. Adeline got a not from her aunt and that is how the book closed


Adeline was happy to go to collage and she loved it. she kept the note from her baba forever. She went to collage with her brothers and soon graduated.


There was once a girl named Adeline who lived in China. She had a very bad life but stayed strong through it all. She is actually very smart and sadly that is the only way to get her dads attention. She had very depressing times and I know if I where in her position I would not be able to take everything. Adeline got sent away many times because no one wants her but her aunt baba. Aunt baba is the only person that has always no matter what, loved Adeline. Adeline did have a very successful future though.