The Habits of Georgia

By Abby

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Rivers and Streams

The habitat "Rivers and Streams" has a lot amphibians and some mamles. For example,there are salamanders, frogs and otters.It is a very moist place,and there plants such as, venis fly trap and tall grass.


The "Mountains" habitat is a beautiful place. The soil is lack,witch means the soil not very moist and does not have as munch nutrients. One of the plants that can survive there is the mountain Laral.


The "Peidmont " has a lot of plants and animals such as ,fox,deer,grass and other things. I live in the peidmont, do you? There are a ton of trees.

Have You Learned anything?

Have you learned anything? I hope so, if you have then let me know. Also, if you have any questions, ask me.