Trepa Times

Week thirty-four

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Just a reminder of the goodies coming from the PTA this week:

Monday: Breakfast/yogurt bar

Tuesday: Biaggi's

Wednesday: Appetizers and Dessert Bar

Thursday: Capriotti's

Friday: Salad Bar

Teachers' recess duties are also covered this week by parents! Hip Hip Hooray!

Please don't forget to write a quick thank you to our parents for all they do this week. We are truly spoiled.

Also, the River Bandits wanted to honor you as well. However, their games are away this week. So, next week, on May 10th, teachers get in for $1.00. Just take your badge to show your teacher pride!

School Board Recognition

As you all know, School Board Appreciation Week is being recognized at Monday's meeting and we need to have all of our tokens of appreciation collected and delivered to admin. prior to Monday night.

I am hoping many of you have already completed board appreciation notes/pics/etc. from your kids to give to the board at Monday's board meeting. However, in addition to anything you have already done, one person from your team will receive a letter in their boxes on Monday a.m. to have students sign from the entire grade level during the day. At the end of the day, I will put it all together so it spells out "Thank You School Board" to be presented at Monday's board meeting. Yes, I realize there are 19 letters...the last letter will be signed by us! I will have it on the work room door for all to sign.

Tune Up Tuesday

Our tune up Tuesday is classroom this week.

Duty Schedule

Gym: Hayward/Unertl

Bus: Schadt

Pick Up: Honn

Crow Creek: Farnsworth/Saxon

Julie's Schedule


7:45 Professional Conversation/Coaching

3:30 IEP


All a.m. 3rd grade interviews (finalists will be brought in for building fit interviews with 3rd grade team)

12:45 Kdg. recess

1:30 Admin. mtg.


7:45 Summative eval for teacher

12:45 kdg. recess

1:00 Summative eval for teacher

1:45 Classroom visit to see math centers

3:00 Speech IEP

3:30 Parent mtg.


Julie's picking up Melanie from college


1:30 Elementary Principal's mtg.