Laptops, notebooks and netbooks


This device carries out the same jobs as a desktop computer would but it is smaller and more compact making it portable.


This device is similar to a laptop but is even more compact and usually wont have a disk drive.


This device is similar to a notebook but it is designed to be used for wireless communication. They are usually cheaper and a lower specification than notebooks and laptops.

Desktop computer or Laptop?

For a teacher a laptop would be better as it means they can take work the do at school home.

For a news reporter a laptop would also be better as they would be moving about a lot.

For a website designer a desktop would be better as it can hold more information and higher quality software. Also you can have more than one screen.

For a doctor a desktop would be fine as a portable device is unneeded.

For a traffic warden a laptop would be ideal as they are moving around.

Sight difficulties

Mobility difficulties

Learning difficulties