Accident Preventing Droid (APD)

By: Trinity Holmes | Paysie Mantooth | Jaren Hannah

What is the APD?

The APD is an accident preventing droid that attaches to the bottom of ones car and has sensors on all four sides. The sensors connects with other APDs to prevent accidents due to not paying attention, texting while driving, ETC...

How does the APD work?

The droid, like we said before, has 4 sensors that send signals to other droids. An example of how they help is if there was a red light and you were texting and not paying attention and kept driving, the sensors get signals from other droids on the other cars that don't have a red light which makes the car with the red light slowly come to a stop. It is not a sudden stop to prevent injuries.

How would the APD help society today?

  • Accidents are the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • the rate of car accidents in the U.S is 40.6 which would decrease with the APD.
  • 48% of adults say it's fine to text and drive and claim its easy. The APD could help and protect with the cautious people and even the very cautious people.
  • 28% of car accidents are due to texting while driving which goes along with what I just talked about.