Ecological Footprint

Vanessa Bonilla

Ecological Footprint

An ecological footprint is the impact on person (or community) has on the environment showed by how much land/Earth's they need to sustain their use of natural resources.

Find your ecological footprint!

I chose the website, It may be based in the UK, but I'm quite sure the amount of my ecological footprint in the UK would be very similar for one US based, but I chose this website because the website layout is very well along with the questions, they are very simple and detailed. The process isn't too long and they give a variety of answers that are reasonable and easy to answer. I learned that I use a lot of resources from using this calculator.
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The picture above represents my ecological footprint broken down.

ALSO: Ways to reduce you're carbon footprint!!!

1. Lights: Try to turn off the lights when you're not in the room and/or they aren't needed.

2. Food: Consider growing a garden and having natural whole foods.

3. Transportation: Walk if it's within walking distance instead of paying money to use transportation and/or driving.

4. Water: Don't take AS long showers and try to limit to one shower a day, if you can.

5. Air Travel: Try to take shorter plane rides and/or limit the amount of times you need to use a plane if you can.


Definition of Carbon Market: is to help encourage other countries to limit their Carbon usage.