iPads in the Classroom

Growing Technology in HCPS

The World in Their Hands

Students and teachers across Henderson County are using iPads to access educational content and applications to support their curriculum. Students are enthusiastic about the opportunity to use these devices in the classroom. From Kindergarten through 12th grade, schools are beginning to take learning to new levels! To find out how Atkinson Elementary is using iPads, click here.

Using the Gaggle App

When funding for 1:1 devices is not available, many schools choose to purchase an iPad cart for students to share. This has made management of these personal devices very difficult. Since one accounts could not be associated with shared iPads, documents, images and videos were limited to the storage area of the device.

Gaggle to the rescue! With Gaggle's newly upgraded app, students can create, share and export documents through the Gaggle app directly into their digital locker storage in the cloud. With 7GB of storage space, students can now share iPads and secure their creations not only between iPads, but between platforms! This has opened up a a world of possibilities!