The Attack on Pearl Harbor

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The Attack

The attack on Pearl Harbor went down around 8:00 in the morning on December 7, 1941 and ended around 10:00. The United States were caught of guard by a wave of Japanese fighters. The attack was led by the vice admiral Chuichi as the strike force commander. There were two waves, the first one more effective because U.S. was surprised but, by the second wave U.S. was able to hold off the attackers.

The Effects

The attack was taken hard by U.S., which led to the U.S. joining WWII. After the attack the total losses were 2,235 U.S. soldiers dead with many wounded, plus 68 civilians casualties. the United States Pacific Fleet also sustained a lot of losses with 97 naval aircraft and 77 army aircraft destroyed and 21 damaged.
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Fun Facts

*Jeanette Rankin was the single that voted against the U.S. joining the war.

*Three days after Japanese allies declared war on the United States

*Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because it was a major trading market which the Japanese needed because of shortages of war supplies.

*It was two years into World War II.

Pearl Harbor today

Pearl Harbor is a most beautiful sight to see. The island is one if the most visited destinations in America. The island is known for the USS Arizona which sits of the shore and has a bridge above it which you can see it from above. Something cool is that it still leaks oil today, some people say '' that it is bleeding still from the attack.''