Payton's Report



September 11,2001 was a day to remember, a day that changed our lives.

It all started out like a normal New York City day. Everybody was on the street walking, talking, and maybe snacking on a hotdog. Everybody else was in there house, apartment, and anywhere else they lived. But most importantly, the Twin Towers.

Mike Kosowski was a Detective Sergeant and he was on the phone with his brother, John. But suddenly he heard a sound. It was loud, very loud. He continued his conversation with John but then the noise grew louder, so he looked out the window and saw a commercial airliner flying way too low. The jet noise grew from a growl to a screach.Mike blurted "I've got to go. A plane just flew by way too low!". Then less then a minute later reports that a plane had crashed into the North Tower of the WTC (World Trade Center). Then, an explosion was heard. Another plane has crashed into the WTC! This time into the South Tower! Mike and his co-workers were okay and so were the people he saved, but then a cloud of ash and dust emerged out of the South Tower. A trailer that people got into was so cramped they couldn't even fit a small child. People were banging on the door of the trailer but nobody could go in. They waited out the cloud of dust and when they got out, people were covered in dust and ash. Most people survived though some died too. It was awful the day the Twin Towers collapsed.It changed everyone's lives. There is now a memorial for the Twin Towers in the very spot they were.

The Annual Pictures of Firefighters

September 11th Today

September 11th is still remembered to this day and we do all kinds of different things to do to honor every firefighter and every human who saved lives on September 11th.